Smart Home Automations

Home automation is something that you must want to have and it's much of fun. Being on top of security and accessibility at HOME & OFFICE is like being the geek of today's technologies.

Smart Products

Smart locks

Biometric, numeric & control from your mobile that provides outstanding security even you can share a virtual key with your family members associating with other smart devices for automation.

GAS & Fire Detectors

Secure home with Smart Smoke, Gas, Heat detectors will aware of you to prevent having any human error for disaster. A high rate of accuracy and world-class brand to protect your property and loved ones

Gateway SM

Control Center of the Smart Home System | Door Opening Triggers The Doorbell | Customized Ringtone | Door Opening Triggers Lamp To Turn On

Smart Wall Switches

Smart wireless wall switches to control by your mobile & automation by other smart devices.

Smart lights

Cost-effective, Smart lights to control from your app and echo friendly lower power consumption.

Door/Window Sensor

WiFi Smart Door/Window Sensor APP Notification Alerts Home Alarm Security Detector

Smart Wall Socket

Time switch | Electricity statistics | Independent safety door | Type 86 specifications.

Motion sensor

Perceived human or animal movement | Illumination detection | Self-contained bracket Used with the gateway device.

Temperature and Humidity sensor

Atmospheric pressure detection, real-time temperature and humidity status feedback

Smart Camera

See your home any time you like via your smartphone in panoramic 1080p HD | View live, and records video anywhere anytime. | Remote viewing | 2-way Communication with voice and video

Door Bell

Video Monitoring | Voice Communication | Remote Viewing | 2-way Communication

Curtain Controller

Opens or closes curtains via your smartphone, cube controller or wireless switch anywhere you want | Time switch | Remote Control | Click to Open/Close | Control over voice

Smart Themorstat

Turns on or off-air conditioner via your smartphone and adjusts temperature anywhere you want | Works with the temperature and humidity sensor to automatically turn on the air conditioner when the temperature exceeds preset degree. | Programs to cool your home before you arrive. | Control Over Voice

Vibration Sensor

Protect your valuables or jewelry | Real-time wireless communication. | Controlling smart lock to lock down the doors. | Controlling alarm system. | Self-learning.

Water leak sensor

Water leakage monitor. | Real-time wireless communication. | Control water system. | Self-learning.

Smart Ceiling Fan Switch Smart

Moes WiFi RF433 Smart Ceiling Fan Switch Smart Life/Tuya App 2/3-Way Multi-control Relay Status and Backlight Switch OFF Wireless Remote Control

WiFi Smart Boiler Glass Panel Switch

WiFi Smart Boiler Switch Water Heater Smart Life Tuya APP Remote Control Amazon Alexa Echo Google Home Voice Control Glass Panel

WiFi RF IR Universal Remote Controller

Newest Version WiFi RF IR Universal Remote Controller Smart Home Blaster Infrared RF Appliances

WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

Outdoor Solar Camera

Tuya Smart Camera Outdoor Solar Camera

2P WiFi Smart Circuit Breaker Switch

2P WiFi Smart Circuit Breaker Switch

WiFi Smart Power Consumption Energy Monitoring Meter

WiFi Smart Power Consumption Energy Monitoring Meter

Wireless Socket Transmitter Air Switch

Wireless Socket Transmitter Air Switch

Smart Star Projector

Smart Star Projector with Galaxy Nebula Cloud/Moving Ocean Wave Star Sky WiFi Night Light Projector Alexa Google Home Tuya Smart App Compatible

Smart Zigbee Smoke Detector

Tuya Smart Zigbee Smoke Detector Sensor 2MQTT Setup Available Smart Home Security Alarm System

Smart LED Downlight

WiFi Smart LED Downlight Dimming Round Spot Light

High Speed Wifi

High performance managed WIFI - MIMO, and wave2 technology that Delivers up to 1Gbbs bandwidth to your mobile devices. Controlled by a mobile app that is easy to control & monitor. Integrated hotspot system that manages your network which been freeloading, and gains more customers using our attractive hotspot advertisement.

CCTV System

Intelligent surveillance system with motion detection, thermal imaging, and integrates with video intercom system that remotely controls your door access to keep you safe.

24/7 monitoring & outdoor intercom

Music System

Professional Music and public address system that fulfills your desire, integrates with "apple airplay" and "wireless streaming" from your mobile device.

Indoor | Outdoor | Flush Mount Speakers

Supported Applications