Smart Home Automations

Home automation is something which you must want to have and its much of fun. Being on top of security and accessibility at HOME & OFFICE is like being the geek of today's technologies.

Smart locks

Biometric, numeric & control from your mobile that provide outstanding security even you can share virtual key with your family members associating with other smart devices for automation.

GAS & Fire Detectors

Secure home with Smart Smoke, Gas, Heat detectors will aware you to prevent of having any human error for disaster. High rate of accuracy and world class brand to protect your property and love ones

Smart Security

Secure your home occupancy by motion sensor and same time monitor your doors & windows to avoid wasting energy that AC unit or air purifying system can automate and collaboration with another smart devices

Smart Wall Switches

Smart wireless wall switches to control by your mobile & automation by other smart devices.

Smart lights

Cost effective, Smart lights to control from your app and echo friendly lower power consumption.

Smart Controls

Total Peripherals for your home make feel smart and feel good with everything surrounded by you. With smart Curtain controller, Door phones, AC controller, Smart entertainment control system, Smart households equipment even yourre smart watch connected to one single platform make your life easier while saving energy and protecting you avoiding many human errors.

Aqara Smart Wall Socket

Time switch | Electricity statistics | Independent safety door | Type 86 specifications.

Aqara body sensor

Perceived human or animal movement | Illumination detection | Self-contained bracket Used with the gateway device.

Aqara temperature and humidity sensor

Atmospheric pressure detection, real-time temperature and humidity status feedback